[Buildbot-devel] [ANN] Buildbot-0.7.10

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at zmanda.com
Thu Feb 26 18:16:30 UTC 2009

I've just finished releasing buildbot-0.7.10, available for download
in the usual places:


File checksums are as follows.  This buildbot release is signed by my
GPG public key (7F0D15B1) (available from keyservers):

  md5: 3a51f6ba8a852382863d1940cef89a46

  md5: 33946b82706e8b65a1f8dab2de7ab9bf

This release has *truly* been a community effort -- I did little more
than marshall patches from a number of contributors and developers.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this release a reality, and
especially to those who pitched in over the last week or so to quash
the last few bugs.


This release is mainly a collection of user-submitted patches since
the last release.

** New Features

*** Environment variables in a builder (#100)

It is useful to be able to pass environment variables to all steps in a
builder.  This is now possible by adding { .. 'env': { 'var' : 'value' }, ... }
to the builder specification.

*** IRC status plugin improvements (#330, #357, #378, #280, #381, #411, #368)

*** usePTY specified in master.cfg, defaults to False (#158, #255)

Using a pty has some benefits in terms of supporting "Stop Build", but causes
numerous problems with simpler jobs which can be killed by a SIGHUP when their
standard input is closed.  With this change, PTYs are not used by default,
although you can enable them either on slaves (with the --usepty option to
create-slave) or on the master.

*** More information about buildslaves via the web plugin (#110)

A new page, rooted at /buildslave/$SLAVENAME, gives extensive information about
the buildslave.

*** More flexible merging of requests (#415)

The optional c['mergeRequests'] configuration parameter takes a function
which can decide whether two requests are mergeable.

*** Steps can be made to run even if the build has halted (#414)

Adding alwaysRun=True to a step will cause it to run even if some other step
has failed and has haltOnFailure=True.

*** Compress buildstep logfiles (#26)

Logs for each buildstep, which can take a lot of space on a busy buildmaster,
are automatically compressed after the step has finished.

*** Support for "latent" buildslaves

The buildslaves that are started on-demand are called "latent" buildslaves.
Buildbot ships with an abstract base class for building latent buildslaves, and
a concrete implementation for AWS EC2.

*** Customized MailNotifier messages (#175)

MailNotifier now takes an optional function to build the notification message,
allowing ultimate site-level control over the format of buildbot's notification

*** Nightly scheduler support for building only if changes have occurred

With the addition of onlyIfChanged=True, the Nightly scheduler will not schedule
a new build if no changes have been made since its last scheduled build.

*** Add ATOM/RSS feeds to WebStatus (#372)

Two new pages, /atom and /rss, provide feeds of build events to any feed
reader.  These paths take the same "category" and "branch" arguments as the
waterfall and grid.

*** Add categories to Schedulers and Changes (#182)

This allows a moderate amount of support for multiple projects built in a
single buildmaster.

*** Gracefully shut down a buildslave after its build is complete

The /buildslaves/$SLAVENAME pages have a "Gracefully Shutdown" button which
will cause the corresponding slave to shut itself down when it finishes its
current build.  This is a good way to do work on a slave without causing a
spurious build failure.

*** SVN source steps can send usernames and passwords (#41)

Adding username="foo" and/or password="bar" to an SVN step will cause
--username and --password arguments to be passed to 'svn' on the slave side.
Passwords are suitably obfuscated in logfiles.

** New Steps

*** DirectoryUpload (#393)

This step uploads an entire directory to the master, and can be useful when a
build creates several products (e.g., a client and server package).

*** MasterShelCommand

This step runs a shell command on the server, and can be useful for
post-processing build products, or performing other maintenance tasks on the

*** PyLint (#259)

A PyLint step is available to complement the existing PyFlakes step.

** Bugs Fixed

*** Process output from new versions of Test::Harness (#346)

*** Fixes to the try client and scheduler

*** Remove redundant loop in MailNotifier (#315)

*** Display correct $PWD in logfiles (#179)

*** Do not assume a particular python version on Windows (#401)

*** Sort files in changes (#402)

*** Sort buildslaves lexically (#416)

*** Send properties to all builds initiated by AnyBranchScheduler

*** Dependent Schedulers are more robust to reconfiguration (#35)

*** Fix properties handling in triggered buidls (#392)

*** Use "call" on Windows to avoid errors (#417)

*** Support setDefaultWorkdir in FileUpload and FileDownload (#209)

*** Support WithProperties in FileUpload and FileDownload (#210)

*** Fix a bug where changes could be lost on a master crash (#202)

*** Remove color settings from non-presentation code (#251)

*** Fix builders which stopped working after a PING (#349, #85)

*** Isolate Python exceptions in status plugins (#388)

*** Notify about slaves missing at master startup (#302)

*** Fix tracebacks in web display after a reconfig (#176)

** Version-Control Changes

*** Many Mercurial fixes

 - Inrepo branch support finalized (source step + changegroup hook + test case)
   (#65 #185 #187)

 - Reduced amount of full clones by separating clone with update into
   clone/pull/update steps (#186, #227) (see #412 for future work here)

 - Fixed mercurial changegroup hook to work with Mercurial 1.1 API (#181, #380)

*** Many git fixes

*** Add got_revision to Perforce support (#127)

*** Use "git foo" everywhere instead of deprecated "git-foo"

** Minor Changes

*** factory.addSteps (#317)

If you have a common list of steps that are included in multiple factories, you
can use f.addSteps(steplist) to add them all at once.

*** Twisted logfile rotation and cleanup (#108)

By default, Buildbot now rotates and cleans up the (potentially voluminous)
twistd.log files.

*** Prioritize build requests based on the time they wre submitted (#334)

Balancing of load is a bit more fair, although not true load balancing.

Storage Software Engineer

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