[Buildbot-devel] SlaveLocks

Markus Kramer markus.kramer at mainconcept.de
Fri Feb 13 11:13:15 UTC 2009

Hi all,

i am just trying to setup some new buildmachines within our buildbot
system. The original idea was to have load sharing with some machines,
but somehow it does not work as expected.
I have setup multiple builders containing the following lines in their
build description:

'slavenames':[ "win-ia32-xp-b1","win-ia32-xp-b2"],
'locks': [xp_sl],

In addition i defined the lock like this in the top of config:

xp_sl = locks.SlaveLock("cpuxp2",maxCount=1)

I would have assumed that due to the fact that SlaveLocks are kept per
Slave, this would effectivly distribute the builds among these machines,
with only one build going on per Machine, but instead i still see
all the builds competing for access to machine b1.

Is the availability of locks not considered when selecting buildslave?
Is there probably some other method to make each build go to next free
slave and only queue when all of them are blocked?

Best regards,


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