[Buildbot-devel] Full-Time buildbot developer available...!

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at zmanda.com
Tue Feb 10 17:47:57 UTC 2009

First, to the others who have contributed feature requests on this
thread -- thank you!  Most of the features discussed are planned for
the 1.0 release.  We need more developers looking at this branch and
hacking away on it.  Neil has already started, and is doing great

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 7:17 AM, Stephen Dicks <stephen at starswan.com> wrote:
>    Having introduced buildbot to several companies over the last few
> years, right now I find myself in what some contractors call 'on the
> bench' (ie looking for work). Buildbot seems to have made quite slow
> progress recently (I started with 0.7.4 in 2005), so I would like to
> give it a 'shot in the arm' if I can - but I would like some advice as
> to which areas I should tackle. I can see that there are a large number
> of trac tickets outstanding and also the 'shimmering vision' of BuildBot
> 1.0 - but I'm not sure where to start.

This is great!  You should start wherever you feel most comfortable,
but ideally you can take on some management of the project, in
addition to contributing code.  The current management tasks are:
 - get 0.7.10 out the door
   - triage bugs in the "undecided" milestone
   - solve outstanding blocker bugs
   - make a release candidate
 - continue to manage 0.7.x releases
 - hack on and eventually release 1.0
 - establish a core group of committers to review and commit submissions
 - re-connect trac and metabuildbot to the source on github
 - triage the bugs on the SF tracker
   - move relevant bugs to trac
   - shut down SF tracker
 - remove SF CVS repository
 - remove Darcs repository

Currently, I'm focused on the first point (0.7.10 release), and
itching to get back to hacking on the 1.0 branch.  I don't anticipate
having enough time to accomplish the remaining tasks, so any offers of
assistance are greatly appreciated.  We need a *team* to run this

I'll be happy to talk off-list about specific tasks, if you'd like.


Storage Software Engineer

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