[Buildbot-devel] Disposable VM Slaves?

Aleksandr Milewski zandr at allmydata.com
Tue Feb 10 16:14:47 UTC 2009

Does anyone have a good solution for running buildslaves on disposable  
(immutable/read-only) VMs?

It came up at Allmydata in the context of installer testing, but I've  
had two or three conversations in the last month or so where it would  
be desirable to have a build happen on a pristine VM.

My thoughts were along the lines of having a 'controller' buildslave  
that responds to changes by starting a new VM from an immutable image,  
and a buildslave inside that VM that starts at boot, connects, and  
finds work.

Cleanup at the other end is a little less clear, so I'm looking for  
suggestions there.


PS: Stephen- Thanks for the pointer to Loki, that might make my life a  
lot easier.

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