[Buildbot-devel] Full-Time buildbot developer available...!

Stephen Dicks stephen at starswan.com
Tue Feb 10 12:17:22 UTC 2009

    Having introduced buildbot to several companies over the last few
years, right now I find myself in what some contractors call 'on the
bench' (ie looking for work). Buildbot seems to have made quite slow
progress recently (I started with 0.7.4 in 2005), so I would like to
give it a 'shot in the arm' if I can - but I would like some advice as
to which areas I should tackle. I can see that there are a large number
of trac tickets outstanding and also the 'shimmering vision' of BuildBot
1.0 - but I'm not sure where to start.

I think the meta-buildbot needs resurrecting also - its building code 4
months out of date. How can I get access to its configuration? Should it
be switched over to the git repositories, or should the darcs one be
updated somehow? (It seems that the win32 git client is still not really
stable, which is an issue - and the win32 slave appears to be
permanently offline). I'm currently scratching my own itch with BB which
is its lack of a cross-platform monitoring GUI application, but would
like to attack the main codebase once I'm done.

All pointers gratefully received.

Steve Dicks

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