[Buildbot-devel] DirectoryUpload

René Müller mue.r at gmx.de
Mon Feb 9 20:49:09 UTC 2009

Marcus Lindblom schrieb:
> René Müller wrote:
>> Marcus Lindblom schrieb:
>>> If not, then I guess the DirectoryUpload is a workable solution. I think 
>>> it's useful anyway, as it simplifies things a bit.
>> I've made a buildstep and opened a ticket for it (#393). Please take a
>> look at it. It is the first time I worked with twisted, maybe the code
>> will look ugly.
> I'll leave it to Dustin and Brian to comment on the quality. (I'm just 
> learning to hack buildbot myself, anyway, it looks pretty tidy to me.)
> I do know that they usually require some documentation and tests in 
> order to merge patches into the repo, though, so you might want to work 
> on that.

I completely remade the patch and now it works great. I added some
tests, too. What documentation is needed to get a review?


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