[Buildbot-devel] debug client import error

Ian Peters-Campbell mahatmamanic at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 21:32:33 UTC 2009

Well, I have gone down quite the rabbit hole with this one.  I finally
managed to get pygbject and pygtk working with Python 2.5 but I am now
running into problems importing pango and glade when I attempt to run the
debug client.  I'm pretty frustrated with it.

Is there any other way to get useful error information out of Buildbot?
This all stemmed from getting a context-less SVN Exception when doing a
check-out, and wanting more information.  The debugclient looked perfect but
after chasing ghosts for almost a full day I would love another solution for
logging/verbose output if there is one?


On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 6:23 PM, Ian Peters-Campbell
<mahatmamanic at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey all,
> This may be beyond the purview of this list, but I am hoping someone else
> ran into the same problem.  When I try to run buildbot debugclient I get an
> ImportError from Zope attempting to import gobject.  When I try to install
> pygobject through yum it tells me that it is already up to date (which I
> hope is correct because when I try to install it manually I run into a rat's
> nest of dependencies.)  I am thinking this might be as simple as a
> pythonpath configuration issue or setting up a soft link somewhere.  Can
> anyone point me in the right direction?
> Ian
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