[Buildbot-devel] Help with setting up a buildbot slave

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Tue Feb 3 08:25:45 UTC 2009

Manish wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am trying to setup a buildbot slave for John Wiegley's Ledger project.
> I was able to create the slave and start it successfully.  The ping from
> status page also works fine.
> How to tell buildbot the location of the local clone of the project git
> repo?  

The Git source step creates a local clone on first run, in the builddir 
parameter you specify when confuguring a builder. The build dirs are 
located in the build slave's directory-

> Can someone please share a sample config file that I need to feed
> buildbot as far as VC config is involved?

Look at the documentation on BuildFactory (6.3.2 in 0.7.9) and modify 

f = factory.BuildFactory()
f.addStep(source.Git(repourl="git://myserver/myrepo", mode="update"))

b1 = {'name': "",
       'slavename': "slave1",
       'builddir': "build",
       'factory': f,
c['builders'] = [ b1 ]


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