[Buildbot-devel] need help using "try"

Yury Itskovich Y.Itskovich at Astronautics.com
Mon Feb 2 17:52:29 UTC 2009

Changed master.cfg to say:
try_sch = Try_Userpass("testtry", ["buildbot-full"], port=8031, userpass=[("alice","pw")] )

and in options:
try_master = 'localhost:8031'

Still get the same error.  Using the --master, --username, and --passwd options from the command line fails as well, but with a less descriptive error message.  Anyone have any input at all?  Could the problem be totally unrelated to the buildmaster hostname, etc?  

Can I use the manhole thing to get more information on what's wrong?
Any suggestions would be really appreciated...

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Subject: need help using "try"

I'm very new to using BuildBot, and thought the easiest way to start would be to use the "try" command on an existing SVN repository.  So, I am doing "buildbot try --wait" from my local checkout tree, and get this:

$ buildbot try --wait
using 'pb' connect method
job created
job has been delivered
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 285, in unpause
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 328, in _runCallbacks
    self.result = callback(self.result, *args, **kw)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 289, in _continue
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 285, in unpause
--- <exception caught here> ---
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 328, in _runCallbacks
    self.result = callback(self.result, *args, **kw)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/buildbot/scripts/tryclient.py", line 639, in <lambda>
    d.addCallback(lambda res: self.getStatus())
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/buildbot/scripts/tryclient.py", line 476, in getStatus
    host, port = master.split(":")
exceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'
Unhandled error in Deferred:
Traceback (most recent call last):
Failure: twisted.spread.pb.PBConnectionLost: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): <class 'twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost'>: Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost.

from twistd.log:

2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] Log opened.
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] twistd 8.1.0 (/usr/bin/python 2.5.2) starting up
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] reactor class: <class 'twisted.internet.selectreactor.SelectReactor'>
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] loading configuration from /home/yury/Buildbot/master/testproj/master.cfg
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] adding new builder buildbot-full for category None
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] trying to load status pickle from /home/yury/Buildbot/master/testproj/full/builder
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] added builder buildbot-full in category None
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] twisted.spread.pb.PBServerFactory starting on 8031
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] Starting factory <twisted.spread.pb.PBServerFactory instance at 0x87b498c>
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] warning: no ChangeSources specified in c['change_source']
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] twisted.spread.pb.PBServerFactory starting on 10000
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] Starting factory <twisted.spread.pb.PBServerFactory instance at 0x87b10cc>
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] BuildMaster listening on port tcp:10000:interface=
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] configuration update started
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] configuration update complete
2009-01-30 10:22:47-0600 [-] maybeStartBuild <Builder 'buildbot-full' at 142284044>: [] []
2009-01-30 10:22:56-0600 [Broker,0,] <Scheduler 'testtry' at 142297932> got connection from user alice
2009-01-30 10:22:56-0600 [Broker,0,] user alice requesting build on builders ['buildbot-full']
2009-01-30 10:22:56-0600 [Broker,0,] maybeStartBuild <Builder 'buildbot-full' at 142284044>: [<buildbot.process.base.BuildRequest instance at 0x8811ccc>] []
2009-01-30 10:22:56-0600 [Broker,0,] <Builder 'buildbot-full' at 142284044>: want to start build, but we don't have a remote

Here's my options file:

try_vc = 'svn'
try_connect = "pb"
try_topdir = "/home/yury/proj_trunk"
try_builders = ["buildbot-full"]
try_master = ""
try_username = "alice"
try_password = "pw"
try_wait = True

(Just using the logins and passwords from the documentation examples.  Btw, the try_wait doesn't seem to do anything -- I still have to use the --wait option on the command line, otherwise it exits right away).

And here's my master.cfg (everything else is commented out):

c = BuildmasterConfig = {}

from buildbot.buildslave import BuildSlave
c['slaves'] = [BuildSlave("testslave", "pass")]
c['slavePortnum'] = "tcp:10000:interface="

from buildbot.scheduler import Try_Userpass
try_sch = Try_Userpass("testtry", ["buildbot-full"], port="tcp:8031:interface=", userpass=[("alice","pw")] )
c['schedulers'] = [try_sch]

from buildbot.process import factory
from buildbot.steps.source import SVN
from buildbot.steps.shell import Compile
f1 = factory.BuildFactory()
f1.addStep(Compile(command=["make", "VAR=/path"]))

b1 = {'name': "buildbot-full",
      'slavename': "testslave",
      'builddir': "full",
      'factory': f1,

c['builders'] = [b1]

c['status'] = []

Any ideas on what could be wrong here?

Thanks in advance,

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