[Buildbot-devel] Manual Scheduler trigger?

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Mon Feb 2 08:20:11 UTC 2009

Ian Peters-Campbell wrote:
> Does anyone have any advice regarding setting up manual triggers for 
> Schedulers/Builders?  During setup I would really like to get the kinks 
> worked out of the system without spamming check-ins to our SVN 
> repository, so if there was a good quick way to order the Buildmaster to 
> fire off a particular Builder at will it would help.  I guess I could 
> swap in a PeriodicScheduler with a short period to test with, but if 
> there's an easy way to trigger from the command line that would be 
> preferable.

I usually use the 'Force build' button on the waterfall, unless I'm 
testing commit-hooks. For that, I have a sandbox repo/buildbot/trac 
combo that I can play with.


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