[Buildbot-devel] Is it possible to deploy buildbot to google app engine

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Wed Dec 30 09:08:57 UTC 2009

Doesn't seem like it: :(


So, we can't run in the background, we can't really store things as 
files or in a RDBS.

We'd have to change things to support acting on HTTP requests only (or 
queued/cron:ed tasks) that must complete in 30 secs, plus we must 
support GAEs backing store, which is slightly different from what we use 

An interesting (but huge) challenge. Having support for GAE would be 
awesome, but we'd have to move a way from persistent TCP connections.

Also, we might not be able to run Twisted at all (as it's backend event 
handlers, the reactors, do low-level stuff that doesn't seem to be 
allowed) which would make a conversion rather invasive. (Unless there's 
similar solution (or twisted-backend) that would work on GAE...)


On 2009-12-30 09:55, Guo Hongruan wrote:
> I just have the idea. I have not public server. If no one have never done
> this work, I will try to do it and share my experience with the world.
> 在 Wed, 30 Dec 2009 16:50:08 +0800,Marcus Lindblom<macke at yar.nu>  写道:
>> On 2009-12-30 08:38, Guo Hongruan wrote:
>>> Hi guys,
>>>      I want to deploy my buildbot. I want to whether or not it is
>>> possible to
>>> deploy it onto google app engine. Is there anyone who have done the same
>>> works? Or who can give me some advise?
>>> Thanks a lot.
>> Short comment:
>> This looks cool. If you make it work (or not), do you think you could
>> put up a page on the wiki about what works and what doesn't?
>> I think that sooner or later we'll probably get there, _if_ Twisted runs
>> on GAE. (I've no idea, but that info ought to exist somehwere...)
>> Cheers,
>> /Marcus
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