[Buildbot-devel] jinja: user customization and public_html?

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at zmanda.com
Sun Dec 20 16:05:51 UTC 2009

So I see that public_html/index.html is no longer referenced by the
create-buildmaster script.  Will this still be used in preference to
templates/root.html?  From web/root.py, it looks like it won't.

This is a selfish request, but it's very helpful for us at Zmanda to
override that page - we put links to particular releases, packages,
etc., and warnings to developers ("Debian packaging builds are down
for the moment", etc.) on that page.  This is a per-project
customization, so tweaking templates/root.html in the source tree is
not a great option.  What are the other possibilities?  Is it possible
to "override" templates, either singly or as a group?  Is it possible
to make the root page display an index.html if it's present?

Still looking through the source, but after clicking through a
Jinja-driven buildmaster, this is looking really great.  Thanks to
everyone involved!


Open Source Storage Engineer

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