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Almad bugs at almad.net
Sat Dec 12 16:50:47 UTC 2009

On Saturday 12 of December 2009 11:52:31 Marcus Lindblom wrote:
> On 2009-12-10 14:44, Almad wrote:
> FWIW, I'm a Django fan too :) but the buildbot's core data flows are
> better suited for Twisted's async style. The web parts of twisted, OTOH,
> are a bit clunky, IMO, but that's what we're working on.

Well, CthulhuBot (CB) is kind of detached from buildbot:

 - first purpose (configuration generator) is completely outside buildbot (BB) 
 - reports are outside of BB too, as they are basically analysis of stored 
build results

Only place where CB and BB overlap is status report. CB currently get status 
from mongo, which is of course error-prone.

However, I'd say that I'll abandon hijax in the future and just use 
ajax/javascript calls from site to BB plugins. This will, imho, allow django 
effective usage for boring web part to cooperate with cool twisted async comet 

> Interesting. Thinking further, a public repository of web-configurable
> plugins would be cool, as you currently have to be quite python savvy to
> set up a build master. (and there doesn't seem to be that much sharing
> of custom build steps, which I think would be a good thing to make it
> obvious that buildbot can be pretty useful for more things than just
> reporting fail/success and logging stdio)

Yup, I was thinking about it too, but before that, API must become somehow 
more mature. 

For now, I'm going with 'give some strange dict and construct json from it', 
which I'm afraid will be not feasable in long run. See 
http://github.com/ella/cthulhubot/blob/master/cthulhubot/jobs/tests.py and 
http://github.com/ella/cthulhubot/blob/master/cthulhubot/commands/tests.py on 
how it's done.
> > Second plan is to make better reporting, I'd like to have "developer
> > dashboard" displaying all commits done by logged user and their test
> > results (kind of filtered tgrid).
> Aye. We need to make the web interface more accessible and extendable. I
> hope this will be possible if/when the data goes into SQL, making the
> "clients" of said database language/library/buildbot agnostic. I.e.
> empower users to write clients that do their favourite stuff in their
> favourite langugage/framework.

Well with buildbot-mongodb-status, I'd say all required data is in mongo, so 
build whatever you want on top of that.

> > Also, RSS/pubsubhubhub should be super easy by then.
> Uhmm? :)

http://code.google.com/p/pubsubhubbub/ , google 'fat rss ping stuff', pony-
build is going to use that too. 
> > I'm now in phase "first step: it's crufty, but works for us", so I'm now
> > writing docs and preparing to polish things and stuff. My thoughts were
> > to announce project when I'll have neat tutorial "how to automatically
> > build your python package in virtualenv with few clicks" ;)
> That'd be cool. :)

I must first dig a bit deeper in virtualenv and tailoring CB for copany needs 
(which is debian) has preference, but I hope I'll make it till end of the 
> > Comments welcomed, althrough we should probably move to separate
> > topic/thread.
> Done. ;)

Thanks :)
> Cheers,
> /Marcus


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