[Buildbot-devel] heads up: buildbot.net moving to new hardware this weekend

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Sat Apr 25 20:42:35 UTC 2009

Just a heads-up: at some point this weekend, I'll be moving
buildbot.net to a new home. The IP address will be changing (from to I reduced DNS timeouts to one hour a
few days ago, but I'm never quite sure how quickly the secondary will
pick that up, so it's possible that some folks will be stuck seeing the
old address for a while.

The new home is a linode.com VPS (a virtual Xen instance), which, while
not likely to be particularly faster than the personal machine that it
was on before, will make it easier to upgrade and easier to share
admin duties.

We're moving from Trac-0.10 to Trac-0.11 in the process, and finally
moving from the TracDarcs plugin to the TracGit plugin. So buildbot.net
will start seeing modern code once more. I've got a script in place to
convert all of the [1234] source-code revision markers (in tickets and
wiki pages) to their corresponding [012abc..] (SHA1) Git revision ids,
so all of those internal links should keep working. I haven't made an
effort to keep external links (URLs like /trac/changeset/716) working..
if you have links like that which you want to keep working, let me know.

Please keep your eyes open for any troubles. The biggest one that I've
seen so far (and which I don't know how to fix) is the formatting of
the front page: at some point it acquired a hack of inserting
unbalanced <table> tags to lay out the front page in a pretty grid, but
Trac-0.11 forces those to be closed. So the front page isn't quite as
nice-looking as it used to be. But so far I haven't seen any other
major problems.

I'll be shutting down the old site, copying/converting the database,
then switching DNS. So it shouldn't be possible for any changes to get
lost, but nevertheless, if you make any changes this weekend, please
check back on monday to make sure they're still there.

I'm still trying to iron out a few configuration problems, so I'm not
yet sure when exactly the move will happen.

Incidentally, I'll be moving the soon-to-be-old host (the whole machine)
to a different colo on monday, so the soon-to-be-old
address will disappear completely then. My plan is to get buildbot.net
moved early enough that this second move doesn't affect anything.


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