[Buildbot-devel] Making snapshots and test results available

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Sat Apr 25 09:18:59 UTC 2009

Al Nikolov wrote:
> Gavin wrote:
>> How do folks normally make them available on the buildbot website for
>> downloading ? such as snapshots for project x listed on /projectx results
>> page. Same with surefire reports etc, Hudson et al make them available as
>> pretty html output pages, can we do the same on Buildbot, if so is there a
>> built in technique or do I have to use extra buildsteps to copy them
>> across somewhere?
> I second on this. Currently there's only one kind of repository supported:
> source code VC-repo for checkout/update only, And it's a headache not to
> have some generalized concept of build artefacts (VC?) repository for
> commit/import/publish.

Yeah. It'd be really nice to have. There is an UploadFileToMaster (or 
similarly named) step that at least allows file transfer.

But having something better, a small DB and some more info than just a 
bunch of files on the master, would be nice.

The problem is, what should it look like and what are the prime use 
cases that warrant something more than just files in a directory?


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