[Buildbot-devel] Pure local builders

Al Nikolov a.nikolov at drweb.com
Wed Apr 22 14:12:06 UTC 2009

Marcus Lindblom wrote:

> It's the current design, where each builder requires a slave to run a
> build.
> It will likely be addressed in 1.0 (which is beyond the horizon still).
> If you need it earlier and won't like the dummy-master-slave approach,
> one needs to patch the scheduling system to trigger builders that only
> have master steps without a slave present.
> I don't know if the current system can be easily hacked but you're
> welcome to try. :)

I'm quite happy with the current approach (actually, i used to configure
just one existing stable buildslave to such pure local builders), but it's
nice to hear about possible concept generalizing.

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