[Buildbot-devel] Pure local builders

Al Nikolov a.nikolov at drweb.com
Tue Apr 21 12:46:12 UTC 2009

Hi guys

It seems pure local builders which run steps on buildbaster only are out of
the BuildBot concept? In fact i can see a lot of sence in steps which run
on buildmaster and can imagine builders which doesn't need any buildslave
at all.

A use case for instance:

Pure local aggregate builder.1: Set aggregate build unique ID.
Pure local aggregate builder.2: Trigger aggregate scheduler and wait.
Pure local aggregate builder.3: Publish artefacts tagged with BUID under one
common build number.

An aggregate scheduler starts a set of buidlders on different environments:

Simple builder.1: Get aggregate BUID, if any.
Simple builder.2: Do...
Simple builder.3: Upload result, possibly tagged with BUID
Simple builder.4: Possibly publish artefacts by itself, if the build was not

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