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robert dugal rmdugal at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 17 12:41:29 UTC 2009

I'm new to buildbot and python. I've been playing with it for a month and seeing if it can replace our existing build system. 


There are two issues I'm currently looking at.


#1 Our current build system does some interesting things when checking out the CVS source that it will build.

A .ini file is used to control the CVS module and branch for each build that is created by the build system. Each build has its own section in the .ini file and may use different CVS module or branch. The build system checks out the .ini file from CVS and parses that file to determine the CVS module and branch for the particular build that is going to be run. So developers will modify the .ini file and the next nightly build will use the CVS info from the updated .ini file. Developers never need to touch the build system itself, unless a completely new build is being added to the build system.


Can anyone give me some ideas on how I can accomplish something similar to this with buildbot? Parsing the .ini file is easy as python has a nice ConfigParser class.



#2 There are several groups using our current build system, some using CVS and some using SVN. Our products build on many different combinations of O/S and H/W. We all share use of the build machines (i.e. slaves). Our build system has some stuff in it for load balancing to make sure that each group's builds don't hog the build machines. And when benchmarking builds run all other builds on that build machine are held until benchmarking completes. 


To migrate to buildbot it looks like we will be using multiple buildbot masters. These masters could be on different physical machines, it's undecided yet. Each group will run it's own buildbot slave instance on the build machines. I believe this is no problem with buildbot, provided we use different ports. What I need to figure out is how I can replicate the existing build systems load balancing.  


Any suggestions?




And to the buildbot developers I'd also like to say: what a great system you've put together. I'm very impressed. 




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