[Buildbot-devel] IRC notifiers on different channels for different builds

Gavin gavin at 16degrees.com.au
Mon Apr 13 23:49:43 UTC 2009

Thanks Ian, finally got around to trying this.


It sort of works.


IRC channels are created correctly for each project.


Due to the 'category' each channel by default correctly listens to its own

iow - by issuing the 'status' command for example it will give the status of
its own builder.




If project A issues a 'status BuilderB' it will get status for Project Bs

If project A issues a 'force build BuilderB' it is allowed to force the
build of another projects Builder.

 and vice versa.


So, yes it works and each project can have there own IRC bot doing their own


What needs to be done next is to not allow projects to build each others


In relation to the setup you gave which works, thanks. However, I wonder why
we cant

just specify 'builders=['buildername'] for IRC notifier just we can in the
mail notifier, instead of my

having to add a Category to each builder so IRC notifier can match that. I
wasn't using 

Categories before this so did seem to be an 'extra' unneeded step.


Anyway, thanks for your help, we're almost there!





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This is definitely possible, and I am doing it :)  What you want to do is
create a number of IRC bots and pass each of them a different IRC channel
(named after the project presumably) and (the important bit) a categories
parameter, which should be a list.
(categories = ['myProj']

You then want to have that same category name applied to the builders
builder['category'] = 'myProj']

And the rest is automagic :)

I hacked my IRC bot code so that the bots could also take command line
arguments with the build command, but unless you are building for a ton of
devices and configurations, that's probably not strictly necessary, as you
can create a variety of builders for your needs.


On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 4:53 AM, Gavin <gavin at 16degrees.com.au> wrote:

Hi All,

I heard/saw somewhere (on IRC maybe :) ) that there was going to be a way
where a projectA for instance wants to control and listen or events of
BuilderA on their IRC Channel #projectA , whereas projectB wants to control
and listen for events on BuilderB on their channel #projectB.

Neither wants to know about the other, and neither wants the other to be
able to query of force builds of the other.

Is this do-able yet, perhaps it exists already in an undocumented way ?

I realize separate Masters would be able to do this, but unfeasible for a
potential 100+ projects ;)


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