[Buildbot-devel] accessing slave homedir in master?

Jimmy John jimmyj_in at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 20:25:11 UTC 2008

I am trying to run a make, make install, make test etc on the slave....

for make install, i need to specify a dir to install into , which is why I wanted a way to obtain the HOME dir of the slave...

I cannot use dir like /opt as my user does not have permissions to write into that dir (I could use sudo but then my LD_LIBRARY_PATH gets masked which leads to all kinds of grief )


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What are you trying to achieve?

Steps execute on the slave with their working directory being the top level directory of the code checkout.

2008/9/18 Jimmy John <jimmyj_in at yahoo.com>

Is there any way to run a command and pass as argument the slave's home dir...

eg. if i want to run a command to create a dir at the slave home e.g.

f.addStep(shell.ShellCommand(name="creating new dir",
                             command=["mkdir", "-p", "$HOME/xxx_buildbot/%s" % dir_builder_name],
                             description=["creating new dir"],
                             descriptionDone=["created new dir"],

does not give me what i want....it creates a dir called '$HOME'...any way i can get the environment variables expanded before they  get used....

mkdir -p $HOME/xxx_buildbot/Slave2_-_SunOS_-_perforce_nightly_tests
 in dir /home/slave/xxxtest/perforce_nightly_tests/run_data/slave2/build/xxx/current (timeout 120 secs)
 watching logfiles {}

 argv: ['mkdir', '-p', '$HOME/xxx_buildbot/Slave2_-_SunOS_-_perforce_nightly_tests']


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