[Buildbot-devel] Multiple BuildSlaves for one single Builder

Benoît Allard benoit at aeteurope.nl
Mon Sep 15 10:13:33 UTC 2008

David Leder wrote:
>> David Leder schrieb:
>>> Hi everyone!
>>> I have a buildbot setup running the master on a Linux host and on 3 
>>> platforms (Linux, Solaris, Windows) 3 builders each. Now
>> what I want
>>> to do is attaching more linux and solaris slaves to that
>> builders, so
>>> I can make parallel builds with the same builder and
>> buildfactory. I
>>> read, this is possible, but I'm no more able to find how
>> this has to
>>> be configured.
>>> Can somebody give me a hint please? :-)
>> If I got you right, that's easy.
>> Say you have a builder config somewhere in your master config files:
>> b1 = {'name', "test",
>>       'slavename': "mySlave1",
>>       ...
>> Simply replace the slavename line with
>>       'slavenames': ["mySlave1", "mySlave2"]
> Ha! Bingo! I tried already 'slavename': ["mySlave1", "mySlave2"], but
> didn't get the clue to use the PLURAL form of slavenameS :-)

 From the manual:

     If you provide slavenames instead of slavename, you can give a list 
of buildslaves which are capable of running this Builder. If multiple 
buildslaves are available for any given Builder, you will have some 
measure of redundancy: in case one slave goes offline, the others can 
still keep the Builder working. In addition, multiple buildslaves will 
allow multiple simultaneous builds for the same Builder, which might be 
useful if you have a lot of forced or “try” builds taking place.

     If you use this feature, it is important to make sure that the 
buildslaves are all, in fact, capable of running the given build. The 
slave hosts should be configured similarly, otherwise you will spend a 
lot of time trying (unsuccessfully) to reproduce a failure that only 
occurs on some of the buildslaves and not the others. Different 
platforms, operating systems, versions of major programs or libraries, 
all these things mean you should use separate Builders.

So, my understanding is that one of the builder will make the work, but 
not all of them ... (and you won't know which one, thus the warning 
about the fact that the config has to be the same !)
I guess you more likely want to define more builders, and assign them 
the other slaves.

There is room for improvement there.


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