[Buildbot-devel] SVNPoller: how to debug? doesn't seem to notice changes

Chris Shenton Chris.Shenton at nasa.gov
Mon Sep 8 17:35:07 UTC 2008

Thanks to Dustin Mitchell's presentation to ZPUGDC.org on BuildBot  
last month, I've now got one running against a  development  
environment here.  But I'm having some clueless-newbie problems...

I can use Periodic and Nightly schedulers to run builds (e.g., the  
first always kicks off when I stop then start the master).  But I  
can't seem to get it to notice changes in our SVN repo and fire off a  
build.  I'm using SVNPoller, and the waterfall view of 'changes' says:

    1. SVNPoller watching http://svnserver.hq.nasa.gov/svn/smd/MasterSite/schwag_buildout

My master.cfg looks like the following.  Am I not specifying the SVN  
repo to watch, or when to poll? Is there a way to see when it tries to  
poll? I'm not seeing it trying to connect to my SVN repo in the SVN  
(fronted by apache) logs.

Thanks for any pointers you can provide.

from buildbot.changes.svnpoller import SVNPoller, split_file_branches
c['change_source'] = SVNPoller(svnurl="http://svnserver.hq.nasa.gov/svn/smd/MasterSite/schwag_buildout/ 
", # trunk, branches
                                split_file=split_file_branches, #  
determine branches/branchname/files...
                                pollinterval=1*60, # default is 10*600

c['schedulers'] = []
'branches/schwag_buildout-1.1.0', 'branches/schwag_buildout-1.2.0'],
                                           treeStableTimer=1 * 60, #  
f1 = factory.BuildFactory()
c['builders'] = [
     {'name'            : 'schwa-1.2.0_osx-10.4-ppc',
      'slavename'       : 'osx-10.4-ppc',
      'builddir'        : 'schwa-1.2.0_osx-10.4-ppc',
      'factory'         : f1,
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