[Buildbot-devel] Accessing a Builder queue

Christian Lins Christian.Lins at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 4 12:59:58 UTC 2008

Thanks for your reply!

Neil Hemingway said:
> Before I was distracted by holidays and children, I accepted
> http://buildbot.net/trac/ticket/99.  In there, I started to add basic
> details of the builds on a builder's queue.  I'll see where I got to,
> get it to a state where it is useful and attach a patch to the ticket.
> It may not beat the deadline for 0.7.9, though.

As no one seems to have started with this, I spent the morning creating
a patch that introduces the following two features:

* You see the pending build requests on the per-builder page
* It is possible to cancel these build requests via the button on the
per-builder page

On my test buildbot this worked for me, but I cannot guarantee the
functionality on every configuration.
The patch contains some lines that refer to our OOo adaption of
Buildbot, but they can be safely removed after the patch is applied (if
it applies... ;-)

Hopefully this works for you, too. I will integrate the patch into our
production buildbot within the next days.

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