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Eveque, Philippe philippe.eveque at hp.com
Thu Sep 4 12:42:31 UTC 2008

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> Mark Roddy wrote:
> > What about an 'aggregate step' that takes a list of other
> steps?  This
> > would solve the issue of the waterfall being clutered.  As for
> > master.cfg being clutered, the aggregate step could be
> inherrited from
> > and have the steps it uses specified in the constructor.
> There are two options here: either an aggregate step as you said, or a
> ShellMultiCommands, that would take as parameter a list of
> commands, instead
> of a single command.
> I also posted some more info on ticket 333.
What would be the default ShellMultiCommands expected behavior in case on one cmd
error ?
  - exit from that step at the first error
  - continue with the next cmd (of the MultiCommand)

Might need both,


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