[Buildbot-devel] Buildslave disconnects

Mark MacVicar mark.macvicar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 20:24:02 UTC 2008


I'm having a problem where my buildslaves are disconnecting every few
days (sometimes multiple times per day) with the following log:

buildslave_linux32/twistd.log:1321:2008/10/28 09:47 -0700 [-]
BotFactory.checkActivity: nothing from master for 629 secs

This is even happening for the slave I have running on the same server
as the master.

I'm running my buildmaster and one of my slaves on OpenSuse 10.3. I'm
currently running a modfied buildbot 0.7.8.

I wasn't having this problem for a while, so I'm suspicious of my
modifications, but I haven't modified the slave scripts.

Has anyone encountered periodic, seemingly random buildslave
disconnects and found a solution?

Thank you,

Mark MacVicar

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