[Buildbot-devel] buildbot caching config file

Jimmy John jimmyj_in at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 17:46:54 UTC 2008

  I have a buildbot setup that runs every night at 1:00 am. One of the steps is to pull down a log file from the slave and place it in a dir corresponding to the current date. e.g

today = datetime.datetime.today()

destfilename_part = "~/xxx/summary_logs/%d-%d-%d/summary_reports_3_2_branch_test___%s" % (today.year, today.month, today.day, builder_name)

f.addStep(FileUpload(slavesrc="summary_reports.log" ,
                     masterdest=WithProperties(destfilename_part + "___%s.log" , "buildnumber"),
                     workdir= "../../"))

The problem is that when buildbot starts up, it seems to have computed destfilename_part correctly, but it caches it. So every night, the reports get dumped into the directory corr to the date when buildbot master was started. It does not compute destfilename_part afresh at each run.

Is there any way to have buildbot force to reread and recompute it's config file? or do I need to set up a cron job where I restart the master at say 12:00 midnight, so when it runs at 1:00 am it has the correct value of date within destfilename_part.


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