[Buildbot-devel] ATOM and RSS feeds code update

Gareth Armstrong gareth.armstrong at hp.com
Wed Oct 15 14:26:35 UTC 2008

Dustin J. Mitchell wrote:
> Gareth -- can you add a bug to trac for this, with a patch?  I'm not
> clear where feeder.py would fit, nor what modifications to make to
> activate it.
> Dustin
Hello Dustin,

a big apology for the very long delay in replying. I will add a ticket 
to trac as requested.  Let me first add the item pretty much based on 
the text below and add the feeder.py as is for the moment.  I will then 
try and hack a variant that fits directly into 
buildbot/status/web/baseweb.py, if that is the best place to add the 
feed feature but I am open to all suggestions.  Many thanks again for 
taking the time to look at the extension.

All the best,

> 2008/7/28 Gareth Armstrong <gareth.armstrong at hp.com>:
>> Hello Folks,
>> first off thanks for a most excellent piece of software.  And now to the
>> party piece which missed Friday's party.
>> In the context of some work that am I doing with I needed to make ATOM and
>> RSS feeds available to the users of our buildbot system.  So naturally, the
>> mailing list archives provided the answer and even where I could pick up the
>> code.  Google also helped and I managed to gather a few minor modifications
>> to Feeder.py from the web.  However, this was all based on buildbot
>> 0.7.4/0.7.5 code.  Therefore, I took the liberty to align the feeder code
>> with buildbot 0.7.7/0.7.8.  The main modifications are as follows:
>> 1) the feeds are now based on baseweb.WebStatus
>> 2) feeds are fully validated ATOM 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds (verified with code
>> from http://feedvalidator.org/)
>> 3) nicer xml output
>> 4) feeds can be filtered as per the /waterfall display with the builder and
>> category filters
>> 5) cleaned up white space and imports
>> I have run tested the feeds with combinations of Twisted 2.50/8.10 &
>> buildbot 0.7.7/8.
>> While the feeds are fully validated, I am not sure the way in which I
>> implemented the ATOM <id> and RSS <guid> tags will be to everyone's liking.
>>  In any case, all feed back would be most welcome.  Many thanks again.

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