[Buildbot-devel] mult-changesource patch

Hans Lellelid hans at velum.net
Fri Oct 3 13:22:22 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

After exchanging a couple emails with Dustin yesterday, I put together a
basic patch to add multi changesource support to Buildbot (or more
specifically tracking of change source to scheduler).  I wanted to get some
feedback on this before I wrap it up and add it to a Trac enhancement

What I did was to add a 'name' attribute to the ChangeSource (so far only
to SVNPoller) and then added a 'sourcename' attribute to the Change object
(so the system can keep track of which source a particular Change came
from) and also an optional 'sourcename' attribute to the Scheduler class
which works like the 'branch' attribute to limit the changes that a
scheduler cares about.

This all sounds very minor (and was only a handful of lines of code), but
it was really important for us to be able to have a single buildmaster with
many projects and this seemed to be the easiest path to that solution.

A few notes:
 - This isn't really "multi-project" as much as multi-changesource and
changesource filtering on schedulers (e.g. there's no change to the web
frontend to track different projects)
 - I did add the source name to the logging messages, meaning that if it's
not specifed you may see something like
"SVNPoller(None:http://your.repo/url) initializing"
 - As mentioned I only added the parameter support to the SVNPoller, but am
happy to add it to the other change source classes if this patch would be

The attached diff is against the Darcs trunk repo.


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