[Buildbot-devel] Observing a logfile

Christian Lins Christian.Lins at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 1 12:58:58 UTC 2008


On 09/30/08 07:30, Brian Warner wrote:
> Yeah, just add a 'logfiles' argument when you construct the ShellCommand,
> with a dictionary that maps an arbitrary name to the filename of the log file
> that should be watched. 

> The LogObserver class is for writing code that processes or otherwise looks
> at the logfile contents as the step runs. If you just want humans to be able
> to see them, the logfiles= argument is plenty.
> hope that helps!

Yes, thank you! But as Charles mentioned I can view the logfiles only as 
text (HTML source is nice though *g*).

Any idea how can I fix that?


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