[Buildbot-devel] Build when one or another repo-path is changed?

Chris Shenton Chris.Shenton at nasa.gov
Mon Nov 24 20:21:52 UTC 2008

My buildbot is monitoring a repo that contains a Zope-style  
"buildout": if that buildout config changes, it does the build.

But I'd like it to do a build if one or more of the underlying  
products that buildout builds (e.g., zope, plone products...) changes.

I guess I'm trying to understand what syntax I might use to to monitor  
more than one repo path to trigger a build.

(One complication: I'm using the buildout recipe "collective.buildbot"  
to generate my buildbot configs, so i may not have all the knobs.  Is  
anyone else using this for multi-repo monitoring? If not, I may have  
to hand-build the configs...)

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