[Buildbot-devel] Problem running mercurial tests on windows

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Mon Nov 24 16:38:16 UTC 2008


I get problems running some tests (svn, cvs and mercurial tests fail, 
bzr works ok, darcs works somewhat) yet the apps themselvs work great) 
and get these exceptions:

exceptions.OSError: (2, 'CreateProcess', 'The system cannot find the 
file specified.')

exceptions.WindowsError: [Error 183] Cannot create a file when that file 
already exists: 


I'm running Python 2.5, Vista 32bit. (Vista made me fiddle with 
patch.exe a bit, but since some tests work I think it's ok).


P.S. Shameless plug on patch.exe on vista: 

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