[Buildbot-devel] Every N Revisions Scheduler

David A. Greene greened at obbligato.org
Fri Nov 21 21:35:13 UTC 2008

I'm still tinkering with my every N revisions scheduler.  However, I
just realized that because the repository I'm watching is shared by
other projects, I don't always see every 10th (for example) revision
because that revision may happen to be made on another project.

I would still like BuildBot to kick off a build of my project at that 
revision.  For example, let's say the svn revisions seen by buildbot
are like so:


I would like to do a build from revision 23480, which should be the same as 
23479.  But the last revision the scheduler saw is 23481.

Is there some way to have the scheduler return a specific revision to be 
built?  Scheduler Scheduler just gets a yes/no answer from fileIsImportant and 
presumably returns the most recent revision it saw if the answer is yes.

I suppose I could have the SVNPoller watch the root of the svn tree and use 
ther spilt_file argument to return the correct svn branch.  Is BuildBot going 
to get confused if the branch/filename pair returned by SVNPoller is 
completely different than what SVNPoller saw coming in?

For example, let's say I'm interested in ProjectA and SVNPoller is watching 

Into SVNPoller: http://projects/ProjectB/trunk/src/foo.c
split_file output: [ProjectA/trunk, Makefile]

That is, split_file returns a totally different branch and lists a file 
guaranteed to exist in the tree.

Is this kind of ugly hack workable in order to "see" a revision on ProjectA 
even though it's actually applied to ProjectB?


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