[Buildbot-devel] Support authorized SVN access?

Oleksandr Gavenko gavenko at bifit.com.ua
Thu Nov 13 16:33:37 UTC 2008

Charles Lepple wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 4:51 AM, Marcus Lindblom <macke at yar.nu> wrote:
>> Another thing might be to just do a manual checkout, that will allow svn
>> to store the username/password and use it automatically on subsequent
>> operations on the same repo.
> To expand on this:
> If you run Buildbot under a separate user ID, log in as that user (use
> "su -s$SHELL" if the packager has not assigned a valid login shell to
> the user) and run any SVN command that accesses that repository, e.g.:
> svn list svn://
> You will be prompted for authentication, and the default SVN settings
> will store the credentials in ~/.subversion/auth/
> You would need to do this once for each SVN repository that you access.
 From ChangeLog-0.7.8:

2008-03-20  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>

   * buildbot/slave/commands.py (SVN.doVCFull): merge Dustin's patch:
   add --no-auth-cache option to svn invocations to avoid caching
   buildbot's credentials. This also helps when users run a
   buildslave from their personal account, to keep the buildslave
   from clobbering their manually-provided svn password. Closes #188.
   (SVN.doVCUpdate): do it for 'svn update' too.

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