[Buildbot-devel] shellcommand cd problem

Don Fike fike at cs.utk.edu
Fri May 16 18:06:38 UTC 2008

Using workdir worked well,

f.addStep(ShellCommand, command=["./configure"], 
description=["configure"], workdir="build/src/")
f.addStep(ShellCommand, command=["make"], 
f.addStep(ShellCommand, command=["make","fulltest"], 
description=["fulltest"], workdir="build/src/")

Thanks for the suggestions,

On Fri, 16 May 2008, Shaun McDonald wrote:

> On 16 May 2008, at 07:45, A.T.Hofkamp wrote:
>> Don Fike wrote:
>>> I'm trying to do a simple cd in a ShellCommand like;
>>> f.addStep(ShellCommand, command=["cd","src"], description=["cd"])
>>> I checkout fine but need to cd to the src directory to run configure and
>>> make. I can do a shellcommand pwd and ls and see the directory src
>>> within the build directory but any form of cd fails with an error
>>> similar to this;
>> You can add a 'workdir' setting.
> That is the best option because each step has their own workdir set, and the 
> dir doesn't persist from one step to the next.
> Shaun


  Don Fike
  fike @ eecs.utk.edu


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