[Buildbot-devel] dynamically updating the step status text in the waterfall?

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Thu May 15 17:29:55 UTC 2008

Using buildbot 0.7.6, I would like to show the current working
directory of a long make buildstep in the waterfall.

I have a custom build step that inherits from Compile, and sets up a

I am fairly certain that my LogObserver is working properly, since I
can see the number of directories increasing in the expectations for
the build.

However, when I override getText for the build step, and append the
current directory to the results of Compile.getText, it only seems to
update at the end of the build. (The rest of the time, the status text
for that step is just the original step.description.)

My code is very similar to what was posted here:


Any ideas on how to debug this? Potential pitfalls?

I have a manhole port enabled, if that helps at all.


- Charles Lepple

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