[Buildbot-devel] Using buildbot across sites

Jens Thomas j.m.h.thomas at dl.ac.uk
Wed May 7 13:08:52 UTC 2008


I hope it's o.k. to ask a question about using buildbot across different 

I'd like to set up a build and testing farm between a number of 
different institutions. The groups involved would like to collaborate on 
this because, by doing this, we can test our codes on a far wider range 
of machines than if each group ran their own setup.

However, doing this means that the buildbot server instance needs to be 
accessible to the outside world. This shouldn't be too difficult, as I 
can just punch a hole in our firewall to allow the clients to contact 
the server, but I just wondered if anyone that knows more about the 
buildbot architecture could comment on the security implications of this?

Are the transactions between the server and client encrypted in any way, 
or would it be possible for someone to monitor the packets between 
machines and maybe learn how to hijack either the client or server?

Another question is to do with the html status page. Ideally I'd like 
this to visible externally so that our collaborators can see what's 
happening, but I obviously don't want everyone to have access to this. 
Is it possible to run the status server using authentication over SSL?

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,


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