[Buildbot-devel] [ANN] buildbot-0.7.7 released

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Sun Mar 30 06:57:26 UTC 2008

I'm pleased to announce the release of buildbot-0.7.7, downloadable
from the usual places:


Checksums of the .tar.gz and .zip files are:
  sha1: 47201c3e0d98f7b4a2bc5a4d959ebdc1be0634d7  buildbot-0.7.7.tar.gz
  sha1: dc3e09b7fc3e2f3b4ea99f572a805147ca12f3c9  buildbot-0.7.7.zip

And of course, all Buildbot releases are signed by my GPG public key
(0x1514A7BD), available from http://www.lothar.com/warner-gpg.html and
keyservers everywhere.

The BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most 
software projects to validate code changes. It builds and tests the tree each 
time a change is committed, providing status updates through a web page or 
other protocols. Please visit http://buildbot.net for more details. 


This release gathers up several dozen bugfixes from the last 6 months. There
are a few new features ("buildbot checkconfig", and category= queryargs in
the Waterfall URL), but mostly it's about the bugfixes. For a complete list,
please see the attached release notes below.

Many thanks to Dustin Mitchell, Ben Hearsum, and dozens of others who have
contributed fixes to this release.

The next release is scheduled for May 2nd, about 4 weeks from now. We'll ship
with whatever fixes we've gotten in place, big or small. I'm going to try
(really) to make regular time-based releases, even if that means they're
fairly small, instead of accumulating more and more changes until we get a
gigantic one like 0.7.7.

Next week I'll go through the 0.7.8 milestone on buildbot.net and try to
prioritize the existing items for this release. As a reminder, the best way
to get your fix or feature in is to attach a clear patch with unit tests and
documentation updates. Patches which lack these will take more time to
evaluate and merge, so they'll fall behind in the queue.

Have a jentacular day,

* Release 0.7.7 (29 Mar 2008)

** Things You Need To Know

*** builder names must not start with an underscore (`_').

These are now reserved for internal buildbot purposes, such as the magic
"_all" pseudo-builder that the web pages use to allow force-build buttons
that start builds on all Builders at once.

** New Features

*** "buildbot checkconfig"

The "buildbot checkconfig" command will look at your master.cfg file and tell
you if there are any problems with it. This can be used to test potential
changes to your config file before submitting them to the running
buildmaster. This is particularly useful to run just before doing "buildbot
restart", since the restart will fail if the config file has an error. By
running "buildbot checkconfig master.cfg && buildbot restart", you'll only
perform the restart if the config file was ok. Many thanks to Ben Hearsum for
the patch.

*** Waterfall "?category=FOO" query-arguments

The Waterfall page now accepts one or more "category=" query arguments in the
URL, to filter the display by categories. These behave a lot like the
"builder=" query argument. Thanks to Jermo Davann for the patch.

** Bugs Fixed

Many bugs were fixed, and many minor features were added. Many thanks to
Dustin Mitchell who fixed and coordinated many of these. Here is a terse
list, for more details, please see the Trac page for the 0.7.7 release, at
http://buildbot.net/trac/query?status=closed&milestone=0.7.7 :

Many of the URLs generated by the buildbot were wrong.
Display of last-heard-from timestamps on the buildslaves web page were wrong.
Asking an IRC bot about a build waiting on a Lock should no longer crash.
Same for the web viewer.
Stop treating the encouraged info/ directory as leftover.
Add more force/stop build buttons.
Timestamps displayed on the waterfall now handle daylight savings properly.
p4poller no longer quits after a single failure.
Improved Git support, including 'try', branch, and revisions.
Buildslaves now use 'git', not 'cogito'.
Make older hg client/servers handle specific-revision builds properly.
Fix twisted.scripts._twistw problem on twisted-2.5.0 and windows.
Fix workdir= and env= on ShellCommands
Fix logfile-watching in 'buildbot start' on OS-X.
Fix ShellCommand crashes when the program emits >640kB of output per chunk.
New WarningCountingShellCommand step.
Fix TreeSize step.
Fix transfer.FileUpload/FileDownload crashes for large files.
Make 'buildbor reconfig' on windows tell you that it doesn't work.
Add a To: header to the mail sent by the slave-missing timeout.
Disable usePTY= for most unit tests, it makes some debian systems flunk tests.
Add 'absolute source stamps'
Add 'triggerable schedulers', and a buildstep to trigger them.
Remove buildbot.changes.freshcvsmail
Add new XMLRPC methods: getAllBuilders, getStatus, getLastBuilds.
Accept WithProperties in more places: env=, workdir=, others.
Use --no-auth-cache with SVN commands to avoid clobbering shared svn state.
Add hours/minutes/seconds in the waterfall's ETA display.
Trial: count Doctest lines too.
ShellCommand: record more info in the headers: stdin closing, PTY usage.
Make it possible to stop builds across reconfig boundaries.
SVN revision numbers are now passed as strings, which was breaking MailNotifier

** Deprecation Schedule

The changes.freshcvsmail change source was replaced by
changes.mail.FCMaildirSource in 0.7.6, and has been removed in 0.7.7 .

c['sources'] (plural) was replaced by c['change_source'] (singular) in 0.7.6,
and will be removed by 0.8.0.

c['bots'] was replaced by c['buildslaves'] in 0.7.6, and will be removed by
0.8.0 . c['bots'] only accepts BuildSlave instances, not name/passwd tuples.

The html.Waterfall status target was replaced by html.WebStatus in 0.7.6, and
will be removed by 0.8.0.

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