[Buildbot-devel] Strange Win32 libtool failure

Dossy Shiobara dossy at panoptic.com
Thu Mar 27 04:07:38 UTC 2008


In building Gnash on Win32 under Buildbot, I discovered some strange
link failure, from libtool.  What puzzled me was that it would build
just fine when I ran "make" by hand from an rxvt MSYS window, but would
repeatedly fail when attempted by Buildbot.

In case anyone else runs across this problem, my solution has been to
use this as my compile step:

    ## It appears that "sh --login" is required, for some weird reason.
    compile_win32 = s(Compile, command=["sh", "--login", "-c", "cd $OLDPWD && make"])

Indeed, the environment is different when you simply "sh -c" from a
cmd.exe shell vs. what you get from "sh --login -c" which is what
msys.bat does when it fires up rxvt.

I'm hoping to narrow down what exactly the difference is between the two
that is the significant difference, but for now, this gets me by.

I hope this helps others, as I've been trying to solve this problem for
close to two weeks (!) now.  So.  Incredibly.  Frustrating.

-- Dossy

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