[Buildbot-devel] Can't get timeout to work..

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Mon Mar 3 09:27:49 UTC 2008


I can't get any effect from the 'timeout' value on my ShellCommands,
this is with BuildBot 0.7.6, Python 2.4 and Windows XP (Slave and Master
on same machine.

I've searched quite a bit (google & buildbot trac/news), but I couldn't
find anyone with a similar problem.

I have created my own helper function that looks like this:

def ant(buildfile, args=[], desc='build',
         locks=[], timeout=3600):
     cmd = ['call', 'ant', '-buildfile', buildfile]
     sh = shell.ShellCommand(command=cmd, description=desc + '...',
          descriptionDone=desc, locks=locks, env=my_env,

     return sh

That I use, in this manner:

f.addStep(ant('BuildSystem\\build.xml', ['rescan', 'BuildSystem.doc',
       '-Ddoc.tpd=true', '-Dquick_build=true'],
       timeout=None, locks=[fullbuildlock, distlock]))

But I still get the following error (for the step above):

> command timed out: 1200 seconds without output

And I can't find where that 1200 is coming from. I've searched the code
quite a bit.

Any ideas or pointers?

I also get the following right after the above, which I assume is some 
Win32-incompatibility issue:

SIGKILL failed to kill process
using fake rc=-1
program finished with exit code -1


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