[Buildbot-devel] Help with bzr Change Sources implementation

Dossy Shiobara dossy at panoptic.com
Wed Jul 30 21:17:54 UTC 2008

Ronald Bradford wrote:
> I am the build maintainer for the Drizzle project.  

Aha, Drizzle.  Cool.

> Yet to look a the commit mails approach, figured that may be more 
> complex, maybe not.

There's already a MaildirSource that ships with Buildbot:


Not wanting to use that for whatever stupid reason, instead I 
implemented a perl script and procmail recipe that processes the commit 
mails and invokes "buildbot sendchange" with the appropriate data parsed 
out of the mail.  Works like a champ and was trivially easy to set up.

> Also, yet to determine how you kick of manual builds? Any tips on that 
> would help.

Allow forcing of builds from the web interface with allowForce=True:

   from buildbot.status.html import WebStatus
   c['status'].append(WebStatus(http_port=8010, allowForce=True))

Then, you can go to a builder's page and request it start a build. 
Pretty easy.

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