[Buildbot-devel] Using "Branch to build: " in master.cfg

John Stile john at stilen.com
Mon Jul 28 20:35:02 UTC 2008

I probably shouldn't have posted right before the party.

Could someone show me how to configure master.conf to capture the
"Branch to build:", from the force build form, into a variable?

On Thu, 2008-07-24 at 17:06 -0700, John Stile wrote:
> How do I assign the value sent in "Branch to build:", for the force
> build form, to a variable in master.conf?  
> I'm not a python programmer, but I have learned some basics.
> My build factory looks like this:
>         from buildbot.steps import source, shell
>         from buildbot.process import factory
>         f = factory.BuildFactory()
>         f.addStep(shell.ShellCommand,
>         command=["/home/builder/bin/build_script.bash" ])
> I would like to assign a variable the specified branch from the web
> form, and feed that variable as an option to the build_script.bash
> script.

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