[Buildbot-devel] Prioritizing Builds

Neil Hemingway neil.hemingway at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 8 21:54:34 UTC 2008

I'm working on it currently.  Although I've hit a stumbling block in
achieving what _I_ originally wanted, I am making good progress on each
Builder being able to prioritize their pending build queue.

2008/6/30 Carl Dionne <cdionne at quazal.com>:

>  I have a similar need - and in my case, assigning the priority to the
> builder itself would also work quite nicely.
> Is anyone aware of work done in this direction?
> Regards,
> Carl
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> Hi there,
> Would it be useful to anyone else if buildbot were to have a way of
> prioritizing builds?
> To put this into context, we have one builder per branch rather than a
> builder per architecture.  We have only the one slave, so there can be quite
> a bit of contention for it.  I would prefer to have release branch builds
> take priority over trunk builds, which in turn take priority over builds for
> other branches.  What would suit _me_ would be for a Builder to be able to
> pass a priority when it creates a BuildRequest and for BuildRequests to be
> held in a priority queue rather than a simple list.  I'm just a little
> concerned that (a) this might not play nicely with BuildRequests being able
> to be merged, and (b) the rest of the world would probably prefer something
> other than the Builder to be able to set the priority.
> What does the list think?
> Regards,
> Neil
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