[Buildbot-devel] Noob master.cfg question....

Shaun O'Shea osheas at cadence.com
Fri Jan 18 13:54:32 UTC 2008


That works, I've been pulling my hair out looking at this for ages..
forest for the trees etc..... maybe I should have put noob all in caps!



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On Jan 18, 2008 2:37 PM, Shaun O'Shea <osheas at cadence.com> wrote:
>           File "/home/pubtools/BUILDBOT/Master/master.cfg", line 108, 
> in <module>
>             f.addStep(CVS(cvsroot=cvsroot, cvsmodule=cadencehelp, 
> login="", branch="branch1_1", mode="copy"))
>         exceptions.NameError: name 'cadencehelp' is not defined

You haven't defined that variable, maybe you want to use "cadencehelp"
instead of cadencehelp? or assign the variable cadencehelp to
"cadencehelp" or something... you get the point.

Daniel Svensson

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