[Buildbot-devel] Adding a comment string such as waterfall url to the status.words

Matisse Enzer matisse at matisse.net
Sat Jan 12 18:31:19 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

I have started experimenting with buildbot recently and have 4 masters  
running (http://www.eigenstate.net/buildbot/masters.html) One of them  
(the one building the parrot project) is using the irc status  
reporter, connecting to irc.perl.org #parrot

I would like a couple of things that might already be possible, but I  
am ignorant about how.

1) I'd like to get a comment, specifically the waterfall status URL  
available via the ircbot,
    especially when build status is shown.

2) I'd like to make the bot automatically announce failed builds,  
similar to how the mail notifier does.

Are either of these already supported, or in the works? Maybe I can  
help? (Although i am a complete newbie to python.)


Matisse Enzer <matisse at matisse.net>
http://www.matisse.net/  - http://www.eigenstate.net/

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