[Buildbot-devel] Writing tests for custom buildstep/command combos

Axel Hecht l10n.moz at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 11 22:09:59 UTC 2008


I'm trying to write a test that checks the communication between a
custom slave command, inheriting slave.commands.Command, on the slave
side and the corresponding LoggingBuildStep/LoggedRemoteCommand
subclasses on the master.

Basically, I'm doing a

self.sendStatus({'result': customPickleObject})

on the slave, and want to check that I'm doing the right thing on the
master side, in particular, in the ResultRemoteCommand inheriting from
LoggedRemoteCommand, I'm parsing that object, and set properties on
the build status, and add logs and urls etc.

Any pointers for how to set up a test for that?

I succeeded in whacking test_shell.py into something that enables me
to test just the slave side, but for the master side, I'm not seeing
anything obvious.



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