[Buildbot-devel] separating buildslaves from testslaves

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 9 21:27:57 UTC 2008

Ben Hearsum wrote:

>> That's what I do, too: one builder checks out the code and creates a
>> source package, uploads it to the master (transfer.FileUpload()), and
>> some other builders download the source package
>> (transfer.FileDownload()), build binary packages, yet others run tests
>> on the binary packages. What slaves those builders are attached to
>> doesn't matter, and all file transfers are managed by the FileUpload()
>> and FileDownload() steps.
> I'm curious, where on the master's filesystem do you put this package?
> In the same place every time? Is it under the Buildmaster's root
> directory? Does it get overridden?

Yes, yes, and yes. Of course I make sure all this is managed by a single
scheduler. :-)

And yes, this can be made more sophisticated, if needed, but so far it's
working fine, and I don't have any immediate need to refine.
(There is one source package that gets uploaded by the sdist builder,
and downloaded by all bdist builders, and there is one test results file
per bdist builder that gets uploaded into a 'report' directory, which
happens to be the workdir for a 'reporter' builder that produces a test



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