[Buildbot-devel] separating buildslaves from testslaves

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 9 00:52:49 UTC 2008

john gale wrote:
> My first buildbot setup, and it's succeeding, to some degree :)
> In the system I'm trying to create, I need the buildslaves to be  
> different than the testslaves.  From what I understand so far of  
> buildbot, this isn't the default logic;  a builder, once finished  
> building, generally has buildSteps to run unit tests on the results.

I don't agree to this characterization. buildbot itself is (or should
be) agnostic to the process it is driving. It supports whatever you tell
it to do.

> But I need to separate the testslave out, so that a buildslave can  
> build a project, tarball the results, and somehow send it over to a  
> testslave to install and then test.

That's what I do, too: one builder checks out the code and creates a
source package, uploads it to the master (transfer.FileUpload()), and
some other builders download the source package
(transfer.FileDownload()), build binary packages, yet others run tests
on the binary packages. What slaves those builders are attached to
doesn't matter, and all file transfers are managed by the FileUpload()
and FileDownload() steps.

It works very well for me.



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