[Buildbot-devel] New xmlrpc functions

Etienne PIERRE e.ti.n.pierre at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 09:13:09 UTC 2008

In order to create a Trac plugin to integration Buildbot into Trac
(http://trac.edgewall.org/), I've used xmlrpc calls provided by the
waterfall status. I laked few functions wich I added to
buildbot.status.web.xmlrpc.XMLRPCServer, these are :
- def xmlrpc_getAllBuilders(self) which returns the list of the
different builders
- def xmlrpc_getStatus(self, builder_name) which returns the result of
the last build for the given builder
- def xmlrpc_getLastBuilds(self, builder_name, num_builds) : which is
similar to xmlrpc_getAllBuildsInInterval except that it returns the
num_builds last builds for the given builder

The only changed file is buildbot/status/web/xmlrpc.py

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