[Buildbot-devel] Increase Timeout value for master

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 01:50:26 UTC 2008

On Feb 6, 2008 5:36 PM, Wang, Yu <yu.wang at intel.com> wrote:
> I am running buildbot 0.7.5 and I need the timeout value longer than 12 mins
> (current default) for master to wait for slave to respond with an exit
> status.  Currently when it exceed 12 mins, the master considers the step as
> failing.

If the timeout is really 12 minutes, then check your master.cfg to see
if the timeout parameter is being set on the buildstep (I was under
the impression that the default timeout was 1200 seconds, or 20

'timeout' is a parameter to all buildsteps which subclass ShellCommand
(and possibly other steps).


- Charles Lepple

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