[Buildbot-devel] Virtual Server Slaves

Axel Hecht l10n.moz at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 6 11:44:55 UTC 2008


as long as you're only dealing with a finite amount of OSes, I'd be
looking at dependent schedulers, or triggerable schedulers,


2008/2/6, Duncan Ferguson <duncan.ferguson at altinity.com>:
> Hiya list,
> I have been looking through the wiki and the mailing list archive to
> find a way to make best use of virtual servers for builds; the last
> reference I have so far found was back at the end of 2006, and doesn't
> seem to provide me with much help.
> Basically, we are using buildbot to create a series of RPM's and .debs
> across multiple platforms so our release process is much simplified.
> Each of the OS's the packages are built on are virtual servers.  The
> only time these vm's are used are at package build time.
> What is the best way to use these vm's in the build process?  I would
> prefer to have the build process start up the vm when the build starts
> and shut it down at the end but cannot see a way to achieve this
> currently (the suggested 'make test-in-vm' style step wouldnt help I
> think here since multiple OS's are used for the build).
> I was thinking some form of pre-build step (with timeout) that would
> be executed on the master that could shell out to a single script, and
> that script manages the startup of the vm.  Same idea for a post-build
> step to shut it all down again after the build has finished (ok or
> failed), idea being that the pre and post steps are generic enough to
> be used for other purposes should they arise.  Would/is this be
> possible?
> Thanks
>    Duncs
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